Sunday, September 2, 2007


Life has not been easy lately… In the last three months, I’ve been worn out physically and emotionally, depressed, unemployed, financially tight, and today, my car broke down and I can’t get it fixed.
But that is not all: my health is not good either.
8 days ago, my fingers in my left hand got numb. The net day, my hand got numb, then, my whole arm.
Thursday, I tried cutting my fingernails, but my left hand didn’t have the strength to do the job, nor to press the button of the deodorant bottle.
I went out to drop off some resumes (as I do daily), but, after I dropped off my second resume, I tried using my cell phone and had difficulty holding it, so I run to the hospital.
After many X-rays and CT Scan (and nothing wrong fund) the doctor decided to send me to a neurologist next week. I may also need a heart exam.
Today, as I was leaving to church (to the 9:00 AM service), my car broke down and I wasn’t able…
I was disappointed, but decided to call my cousin and ask for a ride to the 11:00 AM service. Glad I made it!
We arrived in time to hear a song tat reminds us that God is a “very present help in time of need”.
Then the pastor told us about a lady from the church that had both legs amputated last week, but still had joy. When someone asked her why she was so happy when she had lost both legs, she answered that she still had two good arms and that God could still use them to do wonderful things.
Well, though I have no strength in my left arm and hand, I still have two good legs and one good arm. God can use me!
Circumstances may not seem promising for me at this time, but I can find satisfaction in God and know that He is enough.